I am honored to have been chosen to lead the CCNY Alumni Association for the next year, 60 years after first graduating from the College. Upon my return about 10 years ago, I found the same emotional connections that I had enjoyed during my college years. My alumni associates seemed somewhat older, but the student body displayed the same drive and excitement. City College has had several changes in leadership, however the goals appear to remain constant; the education, academic quality, and improvement of the student body to serve society, humanity and of course, New York.

The College has never looked better. It has been restored to its original gothic brilliance. The newer structures complement the older buildings. The diversity of students and their variety of dress and languages exhibits the importance of one of the goals of the College.  President Lisa Coico has emphasized, and has successfully achieved a wonderful mix of cultures within the College atmosphere.  The campus definitely should be an out-of-town alumnus' place to visit...be sure to drop into the Alumni Association office in Shepard Hall. Your membership allows the Association to perform its multiple important functions.

The Association coordinates each of the College's schools affiliate alumni organizations, a major responsibility when considering the long days and nights of meetings, and the many interests and directions of the multiple alumni careers.  There are a number of scholarships granted by many alumni for students in each of the schools. The Association also works closely with The City College Fund to expand contributions to various scholarships and for specific enhancements to the College infrastructure. Alumni Association Executive Vice President Don Jordan, with his dedicated staff and City College Fund Executive Director Elena Sturman, with her dedicated staff, have successfully coordinated many efforts to provide incentives for increased funding for the College and many of our students.

The outgoing President, Anne Mancuso’75, leaves an active Associationwith many accomplishments for me to continue. I look forward to the strengthening of the Alumni Association and most important, increasing its membership necessary to meet our goals.

All of you should be proud to be an alumnus of this great institution.  City College is attaining new heights in many lists of academic achievements published in several national magazines. No longer does CCNY have to called "Harvard on the Hudson;" soon Harvard will be called "CCNY on the Charles."

Board Officers

Alfonso D'Elia ’73Arch,, President
Gary A. Calnek ’67, 1st V.P.
Dr. Joyce R. Coppin ’58E, 2nd V.P.
Denisse Olivarez ’08, 3rd V.P.
Carolyn Fleischer ’68E, Secretary
Lawrence S. Greengrass ’73, Treasurer
Jacqueline C. Brooks ’80, ’83MFA, Historian