Sahidul R Islam '17I started at CCNY the Spring. But working for ICONIC Mech. for a year allowed me to realize that this is not where I wanted my life to go. Mainly due the very stagnating upward mobility in the firm. But the skills and work ethics I was able to absorb from ICONIC Mech. Gave me insight on the lifestyle, and environment a “9-5” had to offer.

During this time, my education switch flipped, and all I wanted to do was complete my current degree and expand my level of specialization. Due to my constant failing grades in LAGCC, I was not able to enroll in the Grove Engineering Department. But I didn’t ponder too much, and along with my advisor came to decision that I would pursue a career in Economics/Finance. Almost all my credits were transferred. So my AS allowed me to complete my BS in two years.

My head was in the game. Despite many obstacles I faced on a day to day basis. I’ve made it here and the race was far from coming to end. I was blessed to encounter my better half since then and experiencing my sister happily married to her better half as well. My life was soon starting to turn around. I was happy.

Unfortunately, life is a cycle. We go through up’s and downs’. It builds character. Allows us to persevered and push back. It enables us to handles these moments of hardship. In my experience up until now has shown me, that my true passion is equivalent to enabling another to be the best he/she can be. I have a long road ahead, and I accept that. It will only get steeper, but I push through that. I always questioned and analyzed everything I did and people around me. I wanted to absorb it all. For I truly believed our individual experience is what we bring to the table. 

I use to have a trouble with my faith, for it conflicted with many aspects of my life and left me with more guilt than peace. I still do trouble with my faith. But I’m starting to have a better grip of what my faith means to me, how it empowers me in times of need, and becomes a part of my lifestyle. Faith is a symbol of hope. In that very moment I had hope, hope that humanity collectively want the best, either it be your love ones or just people we see while going about our day to day routines. Sometimes I wonder for people who trouble with this concept, is either troubled inside, and are battling demons of their own. But that is my experience, and I that’s why I need to know more on what makes people tick.

Another blessing in disguise was being part of something bigger with a group of highly motivated and active individuals. Now I can make that change with my team, and made me believe that if you truly want to make an impact in your life and in lives of others; that it is best done with a team of like minds. In doing so, I would like to implement recruiting strategies, team awareness fund, and events that show the student body the importance of knowledge and how far it can take you. I’ve always seen the more “successful” person, herd about the most “famous” person and the “wealthiest” person. Events that enable the student body to think out of those norms and figure out what successful, famous, and wealth mean to the given individual. Everyone is meant to be someone, and meant to do something to the best of their ability. Noting or no one can come in the way of that. But too many times, trends, normality’s, and even stereotypes have the impact to dilute our ability to differentiate. So I say let’s start by putting an end to that.