The “Associate Alumni” was organized in 1853 by the first graduating class of The City College. In 1913 the group was incorporated as “The Alumni Association of The City College of New York." As of 2001, there were 15 chapters of about 15,000 members.

It is believed that the Washington, DC Chapter, was organized in 1946 by David Reich who was the first president. Click here for a list of the past presidents.

Chapter Activities

The Chapter officers strive to provide a yearly schedule of activities of interest of all members. Some of these activities are listed below.

  • Theater parties;
  • Humphrey-Rosenberg interns dinners;
  • Bus trips of one day or overnight;
  • Brunches or dinners featuring alumni of note;
  • Picnics; and
  • Attendance at sporting events.

Libbey Sansanowicz Scholarship

The Washington, DC Chapter funds scholarships in memory of Libbey Sansanowicz, our long-time treasurer, who served from 1976 until her death in 1998. Libbey is remembered with gratitude for her competence and cheerful dedication to the Chapter.

The New York office of the Alumni Association administers the scholarship on behalf of the Chapter, awarding them to deserving students of The City College of New York.

Washington DC Chapter Events

No events