rotc reunion photo

Dear CCNY ROTC Alumnus:

The ROTC Alumni Group needs your help and support! You know by now that ROTC is back at City and that our Group played a key role in bringing it back. There were 14 cadets commissioned this year and the program is growing at a steady pace. Our Group provided commissioning sets to the first two classes of graduating cadets.

 In addition to reunions and social events (we are planning to have small gatherings across the country), our Group has another part to its mission: to support the newly established ROTC program and to make sure that it is never again terminated. If there were an ROTC Alumni Group back in 1972, when the program was ended, it would not have been that easy to eliminate it because the ROTC Alumni would have waged a vigorous campaign to keep it. We are also working closely with the City College Veterans’ Association, that is, students who are veterans, to ensure their needs are met.

Our Group has close to 300 members, but there is no reason for it not to have double or even triple the number of members at the present time. Please join our efforts so that we will be a large enough Group which can be heard and taken into account if ever there is a move to end the ROTC program at CCNY.

I feel very strongly about the benefits derived by taking ROTC, and I hope you feel the same way. Please complete the attached membership application and make sure your check ROTC in the groups listings. If you are already a member please passes it on to a friend who is not a member. If each member recruits just one other person, we will double our membership numbers very quickly.

Thank you and please support our efforts.

COL Andonios Neroulias, USA (Ret.)
Membership Committee Chairman