The ROTC Alumni Group was established on Memorial Day 2008 and became part of the Alumni Association that Fall. Its purpose and aim is to develop programs and engage in activities which will promote and establish professional rapport among graduates who were former members of the ROTC at CCNY and to provide outreach to CCNY students who are current or former members of the armed forces. All former ROTC cadets, whether commissioned or not are eligible for membership. We currently have over 200 members. 



We are currently supporting with the CCNY Veterans' Association as mentors and seeking internships for them.



The shoulder patch worn by ROTC cadets at CCNY has been adopted by the Veterans Association as their logo.













We have dedicated plaques to our fallen alumni of the Korean and Vietnam Wars and have had offsite meetings at West Point and Washington, DC.

The initial design of the plaque dedicated to six ROTC alumni and one instructor killed in Vietnam.














Evelyn Rothman, Naomi Kaplan, COL Harvey Kaplan, Richard Ventola, Lynn Liptak

At the Veterans' Day meeting in Washington, DC








In May 2009 we honored our first Distinguished ROTC Alumnus, Dr. Walter Orenstein, former Assistant Surgeon General of the U.S. Public Health Service and currently Deputy Director for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in Integrated Health Solutions Development of the Global Health Program at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Richard Ventola (1st VP), Dr. Andres Fortino, Allen Rothman (President), Dr. Walter Orenstein, James Eng, Kurt Linde




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