latino alumni page

Founded in 1993, the Latino Alumni Group of the City College is comprised of
members whose heritage derives from the Spanish-speaking countries of Central
and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Spain.  We are graduates from
all of the areas of study offered at City College, and we welcome you to join us
and share your ideas, experiences and expertise.

Bien venidos a la familia

In light of the growing numbers of Latinos in the American population,

The VISION of the Latino Alumni Group is to present a united front to raise the
profile and further enhance the image of the Latino and the Latino culture in our
community and in the country.


  1. To educate ourselves and our country about Latino-related issues, interests
    and needs.
  2. To promote a better understanding of the folkways and mores of Latino
    culture through conferences and social events.
  3. To honor the achievements and contributions of Latino graduates of the City
    College and Latinos in the greater American community.
  4. To inspire and support Latino youth, young adults and mature elders to
    reach their goals and aspirations.

In summation:

To gain knowledge from   el pasado

To encourage leadership in      el presente

To nurture self-confidence in   el futuro

To manifest a flourishing Latino community at City College and beyond.

Latino Alumni Events

04 Jun 2019
05:00PM - 09:00PM
Latino Alumni “New Graduate Social”