The Alumni Varsity Association, made up almost exclusively of former Beaver varsity athletes, is committed to supporting the men and women currently competing for the College and to advocating on behalf of the program. We also work to create and promote appropriate alumni activities like Alumni-Varsity competitions, reunions, and get-togethers. Each year we hold the gala Hall of Fame Dinner to honor the most recent inductees to the CCNY Athletic Hall of Fame, the recipient of the NYC Sports legend Award and the recipient of the Mark Asa Abbott Award for Service.

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AVA Programs

The AVA Value Fund
One of the most important roles the AVA plays is to support the undergraduate athletics programs at the College. This includes the intercollegiate program, intramural athletics, and recreational programs. In addition to serving as advocates for the programs, we also offer substantial financial support, usually in response to requests from the Director of Athletics. Our VALUE fund program raises funds from our membership each year, usually through a fund raising appeal, and from our Hall of Fame Dinner Journal. Contributions are welcomed from all. In the past several years, the VALUE FUND has contributed at least $10,000 annually to the Athletics Office.  Click here if you are interested in how our teams are doing!

Donations to the VALUE FUND, which are tax deductible, should be made online here or sent directly to the Alumni Association of The City College of New York. Checks should be made out to the AVA VALUE FUND.

The AVA annually presents the Mark Asa Abbott Award for Service to Alma Mater. Funded in memory of Hall of Fame member Mark Asa Abbott, the award is a plaque presented at the annual Hall of Fame Dinner in the spring.